Sunday, March 04, 2007

O is for Over.. bummer... day 7

What a fun day to spend the last day… doing nothing. In fact it rained. And it was warm and fun. The first part of the day was spent right out front at the beach here at the villas… Owen met his friend Mateo… Mateo and Owen were “Bros” for the rest of the day. They played on the beach and then went over to the pools by the hotel while Dad tried to sneak one last session in. The rain started to come down but that didn’t stop O and Mateo from running around, chasing birds and throwing rocks at the ocean. Dad got out of the water and ordered a couple of Mai Thais for Mom and him (Mai Thai Cliffy… Mai Thai). After a few Mai Thais, some nice hot tub sessions and cool rain the family returned home to the villa – O made it for about 15 minutes before he passed out in front of the flat screen filled with more sea life. What a great way to wind down.

This will definitely be a place we come back.