Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vacation Video

Here is the vacation video – it is broken up in to two parts. Click on the links below... it will take you to videoegg... then, hit back button to come back and watch the other part.

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, March 04, 2007

O is for Over.. bummer... day 7

What a fun day to spend the last day… doing nothing. In fact it rained. And it was warm and fun. The first part of the day was spent right out front at the beach here at the villas… Owen met his friend Mateo… Mateo and Owen were “Bros” for the rest of the day. They played on the beach and then went over to the pools by the hotel while Dad tried to sneak one last session in. The rain started to come down but that didn’t stop O and Mateo from running around, chasing birds and throwing rocks at the ocean. Dad got out of the water and ordered a couple of Mai Thais for Mom and him (Mai Thai Cliffy… Mai Thai). After a few Mai Thais, some nice hot tub sessions and cool rain the family returned home to the villa – O made it for about 15 minutes before he passed out in front of the flat screen filled with more sea life. What a great way to wind down.

This will definitely be a place we come back.

Day 6 - hanging

Dad went back to Ehukai for some more fun surf in the morning. More pool time. Today Owen was a lot more excited to be in the pool – the last two days he was very reserved but not today. We then went down to the reefs along the beach where Owen spotted some crabs – of course Mr Fixation couldn’t just keep walking and we spent awhile searching for the crabs hiding in the tunnels. For dinner we made our way down to Bonzai Sushi in Haliewa. Some amazing sushi – but O was distracted by the chickens running around in the parking lot. (on the news that night we saw there was an event like Ride A Wave – at Haliewa that day… Our friend “Jack” was there… but we got to meet the guest of honor the day later… Isaiah )

Friday, March 02, 2007

Day 5 – Settling in

Dad started off the day checking out some of the North Shore surf spots – surf was on the smaller side for the North Shore (which was more than adequate). After checking out a few spots – Ehukai seemed to be the right call. Here is some video (not of me but happen to be shot the same day that I was surfing here). O and Mom hung out by the pool and then the three of us went for a nice long stroll along beach trails – ending up about a mile away at Turtle Bay Lagoon. A good place for a nap and just relaxing. Dad caught one last sunset session at Turtle Bay and then we warmed up in the hot tub that evening.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Chilling out by the hotel. A nice kick back day at the hotel playing in the pool – dad managed to grab some fun waves in front of the hotel and then we checked into our Villa (still part of the Turtle Bay resort). It was a nice change from the hotel room - a small studio apartment with very modern accommodations (read – large flat HDTV – “Finding Nemo” works better on this vs the computer screen). Click flickr for some pics

Sea Turtles and Dolphins

We left the north shore for a day trip down to Sea Life Park – sort of mini Sea World. Mom got to swim with the dolphins and Owen remained fixated on the sea turtles. We continued on to Waikiki for a little stroll around the town and some dinner at “Dukes.” - don't worry we will post some video/pics of mom getting kisses from the dolphins

O is for Oahu - day 2

The first full day was definitely a full day. Dad started out the morning with a quick surf in front of the hotel before we went for breakfast. We headed down towards Sunset Beach to an area called Sharks Cove – there was a little roadside grill – literally roadside… there was an old mobile home converted into a kitchen and the grill was outback behind the “restaurant.” The food was perfect – scramble eggs with fresh ahi and fried rice. Owen had a great peanut butter and banana soy smoothie. We then went and checked out Chun’s reef (a nice beach and surf spot) but I am not sure if Owen was tired from the long day before or spooked by a couple of waves when we were playing but we didn’t stay there for too long. After that O and mom went for a nice walk along Sunset beach while dad manage to sneak some more surfing in. Then back to the hotel for some fun time at the pool. Ended the day by going down to Haleiwa (small town on the north shore) to grab some dinner… after some minor complaints at the first restaurant, Owen settled into a smoothie at the second restaurant (from seafood with views to burritos in parking lots).