Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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Owen obviously doesn’t quite get what’s going on and might not fully remember – but he asks, “Is Barack Obama our president now? Now he is our boss?” No matter how you look at it – it was a historical day for our country and I hope that Owen and Tessa will be better off for it.

Tess... Well she just digs the Cheerios.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tessa Turns One

Not quite the big bash that we had for Owen's first birthday - but it was fun and we had our friends Molly, Kiley and Sammy with us. We had some mac-n-cheese w/ hotdogs (okay it was actually Annie's organic and chicken apple-sauge but she'll never know:-) and made some cupcakes (with help from O and Ki). All in all a nice little first birthday - its been a great first year, can't believe how fast it has gone by since this time last year. Tess - to make it up to you for the lack of party- we'll buy you a car on your 16th. (my choice on the car... hope you take "auto shop" in high school) Click here for some picks on Flickr.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday Hang Over

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The tree is down, outside and waiting for the trash pick up.
The decorations are back in their boxes stored in the rafters.
The new toys are integrated into the old ones.
The only thing left from the holidays are the extra pounds that mom and dad kept. But hopefully those too will be removed and not brought back until next holiday's binge.

A great holiday all in all - and sad that it is over. But looking forward to 2009 and the new opportunities it will bring.

I will put some video up (taken with the mom/dad's new Christmas gift) and click on flickr button for some holiday pics.