Friday, November 26, 2010

We're Out of Here

It's been 14 years and 4 months since I threw the big dark green tote bag (which could double as a body bag) in the back of my white Jeep wrangler and headed out here to the Bay Area. First posting up in a Melrose Place style pad in San Jose w/ Rummel (okay maybe the only thing it had in common with Melrose was the pool) but it seemed like everyday was sunny and 80 out. It got to the point where Rummel and I were looking for a grey rainy Saturday so we had an excuse to stay inside. About a year later, Kim moved out with her two cats - we played three's company for a while and then the writers of the show had Kim get a job up in San Francisco.

After seven years in San Francisco with a fantastic crew of friends, some great Halloween parties, big burly days at OB and fun winters in Tahoe - it was time to start thinking about a family (I was always ready - I don't know why it took Kim forever to relax and get serious about our relationship :) ….an amazing wedding in St. Helena.

With O on the way we did what we thought was impossible and bought our first house in Pacifica (or as it turns out, more like rented it from the banks). Sure, there was the occasional run in between Rupert and the skunks, Rupert and the raccoons, Rupert and the deer, Rupert and the neighbor's cat…and… Yes, it was small (with a constant "ssshh" being issued because the slightest sound from anywhere in house would wake up a napping child)…. but we will miss our first house, even though it was little, it will always have a big place in our lives.

Now that the pictures are down from the walls, the furniture is gone, the floors are bare and most noticeably there is no other voices to "ssshh" - the place feels lonely. It will always hold many warm memories but I guess there is something to the saying… "it is the people in the house that make it a home…" (yes i am trying out for the 99 cent greeting card writing gig)

So… 14 years and 3 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat later (um… the second headed back to Philly just a day after arriving in San Jose) - I am moving the last of the stuff down to our new "home" in San Diego. We will miss you SF but look forward to our new adventures in SoCal.

A few pics from our time here in Pacifica:

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