Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Coming to a Close

We are not really sure that the summer ever came to NorCal (or all of the California coast for that matter).  Pacifica, is not exactly Bay Watch during the summer months but this year was brutal weather wise.  But with the arrival of Finn and prepping for the big move, it didn't leave us much time for the outdoors.    We did get a few nice days early on where we were able to bust out the pool and roll down to the beach a couple of times.  We took the our annual trip to San Diego a bit later this summer and called out extra support from DeeDee and cousin Grace to help Mom while Dad was traveling for work. 

Along the way this summer, we saw O make some significant strides in swimming, riding his bike and getting rad on his skateboard (here we come X-Games) We also watched in amazement how he mastered every video game he owns. 

Tomorrow, Owen starts kindergarten!  And Tess will rule the roost during the day time (not that she doesn't regardless of who is around).  Tessa's talk, while still hard to decipher, made great improvements ( now we can understand what her tantrums are about!)  She is definitely has turned into her own little person. 

Even though the weather wasn't the greatest - It's been another good summer with lots of changes and more to come.