Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ad Man

Tonight Owen had his first real experience with commercials... they work...(he is so use to watching PBS Sprout and other shows without the typical commercial breaks or if he does... they are TiVo'd and we skip by them for him) But tonight - he was watching Nick and had some good exposure to commercials.... so far he needs apple juice - "You can just go to the store and get it dad." And "Chocolate breakfast cereal b/c the crazy bird told me."

Fun weekend

1st hike in backpack
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We survived (we being, Tess, Owen, Rupert, Bailey and Dad) while mom took a much needed break. We hit the zoo, did a nature hike, ate pizza and burritos.... good stuff.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Its been just over a year since we went down to the boardwalk at Santa Cruz - this time we decided to stay over night - nothing fancy a Super 8 - (as compared to where Kim is staying this weekend :-) But it was actually super clean and just a few blocks away from the boardwalk, so it worked out great. Some pics of are up at flickr - but the highlight was the dinner at Kianti's Pizza & Pasta bar - check out the video, they put on a little show - the pizza tossing was impressive. Maybe this is something we should have done at Sal's.

This past week was the first time that Tessa started babbling... we'll try to catch some on video.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

pasta twirling

owen practicing twirling pasta

the beneficiary of the practice