Thursday, March 01, 2007

O is for Oahu - day 2

The first full day was definitely a full day. Dad started out the morning with a quick surf in front of the hotel before we went for breakfast. We headed down towards Sunset Beach to an area called Sharks Cove – there was a little roadside grill – literally roadside… there was an old mobile home converted into a kitchen and the grill was outback behind the “restaurant.” The food was perfect – scramble eggs with fresh ahi and fried rice. Owen had a great peanut butter and banana soy smoothie. We then went and checked out Chun’s reef (a nice beach and surf spot) but I am not sure if Owen was tired from the long day before or spooked by a couple of waves when we were playing but we didn’t stay there for too long. After that O and mom went for a nice walk along Sunset beach while dad manage to sneak some more surfing in. Then back to the hotel for some fun time at the pool. Ended the day by going down to Haleiwa (small town on the north shore) to grab some dinner… after some minor complaints at the first restaurant, Owen settled into a smoothie at the second restaurant (from seafood with views to burritos in parking lots).