Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Eulogy for a longboard

After almost 10 years the Freeline finally is done. It met its match on an outside sandbar this morning on a clean, shoulder-high wave at the north end of Linda Mar.

The first board that I ever had shaped for me was more than a great longboard, which was surfed at some of the finest longboard breaks along the Pacific from Costa Rica, Baja, La Jolla, San O, Malibu, out to Hanalei Bay and countless trips to Pleasure Point, The Hook and many a day at Lindy and RaW.

It was also a trusted floatation device :-) … bringing a Linus like dependence during some bigger days at OB and I seem to recall its usefulness as a tandem board at Tunitas.

The Freeline is now in two…
maybe I will try to shape a mini for O.