Saturday, July 30, 2005

Better than it looked

the report, although kind of poetic, did not look to appealing but once you were out there it was actually a lot better than it looked. there was some fun waist high waves and even though i was sans longboard (see post below) the old G&S was probably a better board to have out there anyway. got some nice ones that connected all the way inside.

Saturday 7-30-05 at 6:27 AM PDT - from surfpulse
Small, lazy surf again. The ocean is very relaxed. Slow undulations rolling up onto the sand. Its pretty much too small to surf, though, I'm sure a few people will unsling their small wave boards and paddle around in the tiny shore break. I saw nobody out, but there were a few beaters in the parking lot with longboards strapped to their roofs, and shadowed, hooded faces sitting in the drivers seats staring at the hypnotic calm of this quiet Pacific sea. Its a calm, quiet morning out here at the beach. The sky is overcast, the air temperature is cool, and a few dedicated fisherman are casting out into the placid waters.