Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa Everywhere

A big Saturday, this past weekend with Owen getting to meet Santa Claus (several times). Once at the mall, where he was all business: told Santa exactly what he wanted (dinosaurs and cars) then sat on his lap for the photo opp. Owen was more nervous than anything else. Then it was off to see really cool video images of his baby sister (some pics on Flickr) and then down to Burlingame to see Caltrain's Santa Train (a train that stops at the train station all decked out in lights, with carolers, Rudolph, and Santa climbing out of the cars to greet everyone. And then afterwards, as we were walking down Broadway, we ran into Santa again - sitting in front of the Fire Truck.

I think it is safe to say Owen knows who Santa Claus is now.

Click this link for some grainy video shot from the camphone