Monday, June 12, 2006

Puke & Diarrhea

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Pretty much sums up the week.
(this was to go up last Thursday 6/8/06)
Starting last Thursday night with 104 fever but Kim (a.k.a Super Mom) was able to bring down the fever with a cool bath. The fever spiked again that night (not as high) and puking followed, which of course made for a very long night with little sleep. It’s been a long time since one of those sleepless nights. Zombie like status the next day all three of us managed to do okay and the weekend progressed with not a lot of illness but by Sunday the bug reared its ugly head this time getting Owen during the day and me all through the night. Come Monday the two of us were a mess. Luckily Kim didn’t get it… but she did have two sick whiney ones to deal with. Tuesday, Owen made it back to daycare but more puke & diarrhea came that night, so home sick on Wednesday. Now were back to the same cycle - went to daycare today, projectile puking on the car ride home. A trip to the doctor assured of us what we hoped – it is just a bug but a nasty one. I still have a tough time viewing Kim and I as parents but this week it was clear that Kim was a Super Mom.

(FLASH forward to this Monday 6/12 - the bug finally caught Kim :-(