Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wild Kingdom

Saturday night was pretty much like a National Geographic show.... well maybe not quite that extreme. None the less - at one point we had two raccoons in the garage, one perched in the pair tree and one under the sliding board. Kim shined the flash light up the hill and there was tabby cat standing guard on the fence and a deer grazing in the brush.

You can only imagine that Rupert wasn't going to just sit by and watch.
Rupert went nuts,
the cat scrammed,
the deer darted and
Owen started crying.

A few of the raccoons retreated further into the neighbors yard but we weren’t sure if the raccoons in the garage had left.
We brought Rupert in to the garage to sniff out the situation. Sure enough he found them hiding in corner, under the workbench and behind the boxes. We dragged Rupert out and just decided to let the raccoons make their own way out.

All is back to normal on Sunday morning. What ever normal is.